What if a host of kind and playful spirits accompanied you on your journey through this life? What if they revealed to you the deeper truths of why we humans behave in the many silly, painful ways that we do—especially when it comes to our sexuality? Such is Zoie Lynn’s fate as she embarks upon an intimate, sometimes difficult—sometimes magical soul-journey, in search of wild times, forgiveness, and The Great Awakening.

book-cover-big Dear Friends . . .

There seems to be gentle, soft-spoken movement afoot these days, perhaps whispers from a higher order of beings or maybe even from our own future selves, rising up amid all the craziness and fear that currently plagues our planet. I myself, in fact, may even be an unwitting participant in this movement. Why else would I write a book about a being who was sent to Earth to help heal the split between spirit and matter on this world—that ages-old conflict of duality that has kept humankind from discovering their true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? That which in some circles is also known as the Life of Happily-Ever-After or the Life of Heaven on Earth.

Why else would I spend fourteen years of my life writing a story about a young girl who sees and hears spirits—spirits who encourage her again and again to cultivate gentle love, compassion and most especially forgiveness—when I wasn’t very practiced with these myself? Suffice it to say, this was not the story that I originally intended to write when I first put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard). But the more the spirits in this tale spoke to “Zoie Lynn,” the more I began to listen to what they had to say.

Sure, I may be crazy . . . but it has been a very good kind of crazy (well, for the most part, anyway).  The really trippy thing of it is, apparently I am not the only one infected with this craziness.  No!  Apparently, there are many others who have been listening to these whispers as well—whispers that speak of a new beginning for humankind, a beginning free from the fear and ignorance of the past.  And it gives me a very warm and fuzzy feeling about our destiny (woohoo–I can’t wait!).

With Snuggly Regards,
Anne Preciado Rich